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Press release: SA company fires up to meet demand

Fit 4 Market client, Mount Barker Landscape Centre, released this statement to the media on Thursday 28 July 2011.

In the wake of summer floods, Mount Barker Landscape Centre is travelling farther, working longer hours and bearing the extra cost to provide dry wood to a growing number of Australians reducing their electricity bills by turning off their electric heaters and cosying up to a crackling fire this winter.

Mount Barker Landscape Centre, regarded as one of Adelaide's largest wood heater suppliers says during the first real winter in five years they’re working hard to keep up with demand from customers.

“Demand is just huge at the moment. We received 36 tonne on a Friday afternoon and it was all gone by 10am Saturday,” Mount Barker Landscape Centre’s Tim Clark, says.

With much of the country’s wood supply damaged from floods in the Murray Darling basin, Tim has been travelling twice the distance as usual, sourcing his firewood from 1000km away in Parkes, NSW.

“But it’s not just a matter of getting the firewood to Adelaide; it needs to be good quality and in dry condition. This winter I’ve been up until 3am loading wood undercover to make sure it stays dry.”

“We don’t want increase in demand and decrease in supply to mean higher prices for customers. We’re keeping our prices as steady as possible to continue providing the best service and keep their supply of firewood constant.”

Anticipating a permanent shift in consumer behaviour to combat rising electricity prices, Tim has already made arrangements for next year’s supply and is working with interstate suppliers to continue wood splitting throughout the coming summer.

“A wood fire is generally cheaper and a more effective form of heat because it’s radiant heat:  the heat warms the people around it, and is absorbed into the tiles and furniture, meaning the heat stays in the house longer than other forms of heating which just warm the air.”

“Of course it’s each to their own, but personally I think you just can’t beat the warmth and ambience of a crackling wood fire on a winter’s night.”

While wood fire heaters and firewood are a substantial part of the Mount Barker Landscape Centre business in winter, landscape and building supplies such as mulch, soil, sand and loam dominate business year round.

Order firewood online or call Mount Barker Landscape Centre (08) 8391 1068.