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Seasonal Tip


Springtime has arrived! Garden action is needed to make the most of the season, especially with a hot summer predicted.



Fast growing plants such as spring flowers and vegetables need plenty of water as their growth rate accelerates in the warmth. Its best to water plants first thing the morning giving the leaves a chance to dry and to minimize the risk of contracting fungal diseases. Try and use a nozzle with a soft spray so you don’t blast the soil and the plants.



Now is the time to mulch. The benefits are endless. Not only does mulch retain the moisture in the soil, it also smothers (at least suppresses) existing weeds. Mulching also reduces weed seed germination, provides a layer of insulation for the soil, slows the flow of water across the soil to increase absorption and decrease erosion and keeps the fruit of crops such as strawberries off the soil. 



Plants need fertilizer to grow – and the warmer weather accelerates growth over the Spring season. Feed fast growing plants likes seedlings, flowers and vegetables with liquid fertilizer at least once a fortnight. Use slow release pellets for shrubs and feature plants. Sprinkle your lawn with dynamic lifter now for a healthy green lawn over summer.


Growth Control

Spring-blooming plants can be cut back immediately after flowering. Getting rid of dead flowers will allow the next batch of blooms to grow to their full potential. Keep regularly picking your roses as a continuous pruning mechanism. Use hedge shears or secateurs to tidy up hedges. Regularly mow your fast growing lawns but don’t cut them too short!


Pest Control

Aphids are the biggest pest threats in Spring if not controlled early in the season. Use a horticultural soap spray to destroy these pests. Aim to attract birdlife in your garden – they are also fantastic in keeping the pests away. Warmer weather generally means that snails and slugs are minimal in the garden.