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Product Delivery

Address Details

To assist with a smooth delivery please provide us with your full address and contact details when ordering online or over the phone.

  • Delivery address
  • Contact telephone number
  • Email address

Delivery Details

  • Delivery address
  • Mobile phone number
  • Residential address – please include house/dwelling number
  • Rural address  – property name/property number/road number/fence/gate etc

Tipping Instructions

We have a variety of vehicles that can deliver orders. Accessibility is important so ensure you provide us with any special instructions our drivers may need.

Please be mindful of the following:

  • We can only deliver on flat even surfaces.
  • Caution overhead trees and power lines.
  • Can not deliver on soft or boggy ground.
  • Gate width restrictions in place – please advise dimensions
  • Specify day required
  • Specify preference am or pm delivery (specific time can not be allocated)
  • Will someone be on-site to take delivery? If not please supply a mobile contact number.

Please contact MBLC if weight required is over 8 tonnes.

In relation to weight, the following delivery vehicles are used which will impact on delivery accessibility:

  • 1 tonne or less = Ute
  • 1 tonne to 8 tonne = Mini tipper (truck)
  • 8 tonne + = tandem tipper

Refund Policy

Dispatch of Goods

Generally, goods will be dispatched on the day of order being received where possible. Changes to this will depend on the product ordered and whether the item is in stock. We will generally contact you to discuss delivery times. Method of dispatch will be governed by the type of product ordered.

Faulty Goods

If you think there is a fault with an item you have received, contact us immediately for a replacement or refund

Cancellation of Orders / Refunds

Orders may only be cancelled if goods have not already been dispatched. If goods have been dispatched but not yet delivered (in the case of truck deliveries), a refund less cost of the delivery fee and handling fees will be considered.

Refunds do not apply to Garden Supplies products sold by the metre (ie mulch, soils, pebbles etc) and delivered.