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More fireplaces from ADF coming very soon.

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Experience the epitome of fireside luxury with ADF wood burning fireplaces. Crafted for unparalleled user satisfaction, each detail is meticulously engineered. The ADF range seamlessly combines eye-catching design with optimal functionality. Featuring a user-friendly air controller and removable steel handle, these fireplaces boast a distinctive inbuilt automatic baffle system.
The automatic flue damper, designed to minimize smoke ingress during refuelling, intelligently regulates airflow. Opening the door triggers a full damper expansion, channelling air upward to prevent smoke release. Upon closure, the damper partially shuts, ensuring heat retention for a clean, low-emission combustion. ADF’s Linea range exudes contemporary style, while the Hayra range captures the mid-century modern aesthetic. These exceptional fires offer advanced combustion systems, vermiculite liners for insulation, and a captivating golden/bronze hue for enhanced heat reflection.
Originating from Portugal, ADF, a family-owned metalworking business since 1976, prioritizes quality, robustness, and design in crafting wood-burning heaters. Their commitment to superior design and functionality at an affordable price makes ADF fireplaces the ideal choice