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ADF Linea 100B freestanding heater

ADF Linea 100B freestanding heater

Create an ambience that will transform any room into a cosy sanctuary.

Looking to transform your larger rooms and open-plan living spaces into cosy sanctuaries? Look no further than the ADF Linea 100 B Wood Burning Fireplace, the largest ADF in the single sided range and a true powerhouse of heat. With an impressive 17.0kW of heat output, this fireplace will effortlessly warm up even the coldest of spaces, enveloping you in a comforting embrace.

What sets the ADF Linea 100 B apart is its ability to create a captivating ambience that will make your home feel truly welcoming. The generously wide viewing window offers an unobstructed view of the flickering flames inside, casting a mesmerising glow and creating a serene atmosphere. Imagine cosy nights spent gathered around this beautiful spectacle, lost in the warmth and tranquility it provides.

Optional fan available

Format: approx. 101.2 x 46.5 x 45.0 cm

Weight : approx. 186.0 kg

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ADF Linea 100B freestanding heater