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Morso Wood Heaters & Morso Forno Ovens

For over 160 years, Morsø has proudly served as the Purveyor to the Royal Court of Denmark. Renowned for their legendary Danish design flair and unmatched engineering, Morsø leads the industry in crafting wood-burning products. Their extensive experience and expertise shine through in seamlessly combining form and function, resulting in superbly crafted and exceptionally efficient cast iron fireplaces. Beyond indoor solutions, Morsø offers a high-end range of wood-fired outdoor products, including fireplaces, pizza ovens, grills, and camping grills, all manufactured on the picturesque island of Mors in Denmark.
These products, designed to the highest standards, not only exude practicality and functionality but also boast European elegance. Whether enhancing your home or garden, Morsø’s offerings are perfect for those who relish entertaining and appreciate the unique benefits of a real wood-burning fire.