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More fireplaces from Lacunza coming very soon.

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Nestled in the Sakana valley of the Navarre region in Spain, LACUNZA embodies a legacy rooted in more than 50 years of unwavering commitment and continuous progress. Originating from an iron foundry and evolving into a cookstove and fireplace factory, our journey reflects a remarkable fusion of sustainability, innovation, technology, design, and customer-centricity.
LACUNZA stands as a benchmark for cookstoves, wood-burning stoves, and fireplaces, showcasing a range of products shaped by quality, innovation, and design. Our dedicated personnel, the heart of our strength, drive our commitment to design, manufacture, and market all our offerings. Committed to respecting social, economic, and environmental facets, we contribute back to our surroundings.
Sustainability is at our core, emphasizing the vital role of caring for our forests. LACUNZA’s manufacturing ethos prioritizes energy efficiency and a minimal ecological footprint, reflecting our dedication to nurturing and replenishing the wood sources that power our products.