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Amantii Electric Heaters

Amantii, a pioneer in electric fireplace manufacturing for over a decade, brings a wealth of experience spanning nearly four decades in the fireplace and heating industry. The models showcased on this site are a testament to their commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.
Amantii fireplaces boast designs that seamlessly complement the dynamic and vibrant living and working spaces of today’s world. Each year, the Amantii design team diligently incorporates the latest technology and styles to deliver electric fireplaces of unparalleled quality.
Renowned for their clean, contemporary, and innovative features, Amantii electric fireplaces are the ideal choice for homes, offices, restaurants, spas, and various commercial settings. Embraced by designers, architects, builders, and homeowners alike, Amantii offers a diverse range of sizes to cater to every need. State-of-the-art technology, diverse media options, and stylish designs make Amantii the effortless choice for consumers seeking sophistication and functionality.