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Amantii Symmetry XT 50

Amantii Symmetry XT 50

Offering contemporary styling and unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

There is more fire viewing area than ever before with Symmetry XT Bespoke. With edge-to-edge viewing and no unsightly heat vents this series provides an artistic element above and beyond the basic functions of fire display and heat. The result is clean, contemporary, and innovative. Also featuring WiFi functionality that offers modern capabilities for a modern fireplace.

Enjoy the flame presentation in a new style that mimics real fire like never before.

Unlike electric fireplace models made by some other manufacturers, Symmetry XT Bespoke fireplaces are unencumbered by unsightly venting or red glowing heat grills. Venting and grills take away from the aesthetics of a fireplace and the Symmetry XT Bespoke series have some of the biggest glass viewing areas in the industry. You’ll see more of what is important – a beautiful, warm, and comforting flame display.

The heater is located at the top of the SYM-50-XT Bespoke fireplace allowing heat to cascade down in front of the glass.

Product Code: SYM-50-XT-Bespoke

Format: approx. 127.6 x 51.0 x 30.6 cm

Shipping Weight : approx. 49.95 kg

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Amantii Symmetry XT 50