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Cheminees Philippe 1001 double sided

Cheminees Philippe 1001 double sided

Radiante 1001 DF
The Radiante 1001 DF double sided wood fire creates the wow factor in any space. Placed in the centre of a contemporary, open plan home or warehouse conversion, the beautiful clean lines of this firebox combined with excellent heating efficiency, make it the perfect choice for modern living.

Designed to feature in the centre of the room or located in a wall dividing two rooms, the flickering flames can be enjoyed and appreciated from both sides of this fabulous firebox.

Featuring Cheminees Philippe’s characteristic dual opening door system, the Radiante 1001 DF, double sided firebox offers both the enjoyment and ambience of a real open fire and the efficiency and safety of an efficient slow combustion fire.

All double sided wood fireboxes are designed and manufactured exclusively in France
Reduced energy costs with excellent slow combustion heating system
Cast iron and steel construction with large panoramic vision glass door heat resistant to 800 deg c.
Double sided dual opening door mechanism –vertical and forward opening.
Also available as single sided model.
Estimated maximum heat output 280 square metres*
Total weight 230 kg
Flue size 250mm or 10″
Easy clean, removable ash pan
Can be left freestanding (refer to clearances)
EPA approved and Australian standards AS/NZS 4012/4013 (1999)

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Cheminees Philippe 1001 double sided