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Amantii Symmetry 74

Amantii Symmetry 74

Enjoy your Alfresco entertaining area – rain, hail or shine.

This beautifully designed stove is the perfect addition to any living space with it’s fuss free design that blends seamlessly with both modern and traditional interiors.

Defined by its proportions and streamlined integration into any contemporary domain, the Symmetry 74 Bespoke Electric Fireplace is a both a familiar emblem of welcome and conversation.

Featuring a large viewing window, the Amantii SYM 74 Bespoke provides a mesmerising view of the flickering flames. Experience the ultimate in modern heating, as the Amantii SYM 74 Bespoke boasts cutting-edge technology.

The solid steel frame gives this electric fireplace a sturdy, robust feel, while the sleek lines and modern finish make it the perfect addition to any stylish home.

Product Code: SYM 74 Bespoke

Format: approx. 188.5 x 39.6 x 15.4 cm

Shipping Weight : approx. 54.99 kg

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Amantii Symmetry 74