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ADF Linea L with woodbox

ADF Linea L with woodbox

This captivating fire is more than a heating unit, it’s a statement piece.

Crafted from high grade durable steel and boasting a modern, sleek look, the Linea 100 L by ADF is the perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary décor. The Linea 100 L is not just a fireplace, it’s a focal point that will transform your living space. With its generous height and unadorned surfaces, it’s a statement piece that combines style with functionality.

Revel in the warmth, relish the beauty, and embrace the comforting embrace of this remarkable fireplace as you experience unobstructed view of the mesmerising flames thanks to the expansive glass window. This stove is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any living space.

Optional fan available

Format: approx. 101.2 x 86.5 x 45.0 cm

Weight : approx. 250.0 kg

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ADF Linea L with woodbox