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Discover the petite powerhouse, the Cleope Pellet Stove, offering ideal heat output for smaller spaces with the added benefits of ecological and cost-effective fuel. This user-friendly stove is programmable, clean, safe, and ensures an extended burn time for continuous warmth.

Pellets are automatically fed from the hopper into the grate to fuel the flame, with programmable on/off times and temperature settings, all executed with automatic ignition and utmost safety. A convenient indicator marks low pellet levels, and in the event of pellet depletion, the system shuts down safely. Available in various colours to complement any decor, the Cleope Pellet Stove boasts up to 70% greater efficiency than traditional wood stoves, significantly reducing emissions.

Comfort meets conscience with the Cleope, delivering a 6kW heat output to warm spaces of 100-175m³ efficiently. Crafted from superior components like steel, cast iron, and high-grade electronics, the Cleope Pellet Stove consumes between 0.64-1.36kg/h, ensuring an average of 0.9kg/hr for sustained heating, making it an eco-conscious and efficient heating solution.

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