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Stuv 21/105

Stuv 21/105

Stuv 21 – Single Sided
Your fire is free. With a unique retractable glass door and frameless installation, the divide between you and the ever-changing flame has now been made invisible. Available in four sizes, the Stuv 21 slow combustion wood heater can be installed directly into your wall, or made a standout feature with easy to install cladding and fascia options. Safe and efficient, the Stuv 21 heralds a new simplicity and sophistication in fireplace design for you to enjoy wherever you sit.

Technical Details

Nominal thermal output: 10 to 27 kW depending on model

Model Dimensions

95SF: W770mm x H615mm

105SF: W870mm x H400mm

125SF: W1070mm x H535mm

135SF: W1170mm x H400mm

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Stuv 21/105