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Cheminees Philippe 873 2V SR (left or right side glass)

Cheminees Philippe 873 2V SR (left or right side glass)

Radiante 873 2V SR
Cheminees Philippe have taken a classic firebox and crafted a modern corner firebox design that will create a truly unique look with added benefits of natural warmth and satisfaction to your home

The Radiante 873 2V SR slow combustion fire offers a visual impact from all corners of the room with a huge, panoramic glass window wrapping itself around the side of the firebox. Available in 2 versions with corner glass to the right or left, this streamlined, contemporary corner firebox design optimises style, comfort and warmth combined with high performance.

Available also with a dual opening door option Radiante 873 2V SR.

Designed and tested to be installed into a masonry fireplace surround, existing fireplace or left freestanding, this versatile firebox offers the flexibility to create a multitude of stunning hearth designs.

100% French made in Cheminees Philippe’s foundry and manufacturing facility.
Firebox construction all cast iron with ceramic glass door heat resistant to 800 deg c
Total weight 269 kg
Flue size 230mm or 9”
Reduced energy costs with excellent slow combustion heating system
Estimated maximum heat output 340 sq metres*
Large swing opening door.
Optional side glass panels on left or right for enhanced view of the fire.
Easy clean, removable ash pan
Black cast side
Can be installed freestanding
Choice of French designed and manufactured surrounds
EPA approved and Australian standards AS/NZS 4012/4013 (1999)

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Cheminees Philippe 873 2V SR (left or right side glass)